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23 February 2006 @ 09:45 pm
I think I just did something incredibly stupid today. Though I did have a butt-kicking day.

Let me start from the beginning since a lot has happened today.

I got up late today so I was rushing to get ready for school. But I got to school on time and I found Nichole. We walked around the school until the bell rang. For some reason Mitchell Oostveen followed us and came and talked to us. It was odd. But then I went to sewing and I finished up cutting my fabric. Then I went to stained glass and I was so bored. I was just screwing around with my stained glass plans. I was drawing a Mario scene in a fishbowl. Yeah... everyone thought I was being weird.

The bell rang and it was time for the pep assembly. Heather Finch decided to follow me and I went and found Nichole. We went to the assembly and we sat where the juniors sat. I saw Daniel after a while sitting with the seniors so I dragged Nichole with me to sit with Daniel. Heather didn't want to come. So I was sitting with Daniel and Nichole. Daniel was with Fatima and Felicia so he was sort of ignoring me. Then Brian came over and sat in front of me then he leaned back and laid on me.

The assembly ended and I went to seminary. In seminary I was flirting with Robert. Then after seminary I walked out talking with Nathan about some Unity and Service stuff. Then during lunch I hung out with Nichole during lunch. I saw Daniel for a bit, but he was hanging out with Fatima and Felicia, so I just went with Nichole and ate outside. Then I went to art class and I joked around with Brian and Daniel. After art class Daniel left because I was talking to Brian. Brian and I ran after Daniel, but Daniel kept going. So I threw my keys at Daniel. Daniel picked them up and threw them into the garbage. Brian went and got them for me, but he ran outside with them. Since he's really tall I couldn't reach them. Them he dropped them and I picked them up. Then Brian made me hug him goodbye and when I did, he wrapped his leg around me. Daniel had left.

I went into the school again and Daniel looked back and saw me. He waited for me to catch up with him. Then we went and hung out after school. We went over to the park and this is where I did the stupid thing. I took a hold of Daniel's hand and played with it. Then I just held it. i guess Daniel got uncomfortable and suggested we go sit on the hill. I am such an idiot. Why did I do that?

Anyway, I soon took him home. Then I just hung around my house.